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Simplify Your Collection Tracking and Management

With NG Collector, you can effortlessly transition your entire collection into a digital archive. Our app simplifies the process, making it easier than ever to organize and access your magazines. Once you've digitized your collection, you're all set to explore, trade, and share your passion with fellow collectors.


Explore Your Extensive NG Magazine Collection

Do you have a treasure trove of National Geographic magazines numbering in the hundreds? It's time to transform your collection into a living encyclopedia of knowledge! Imagine effortlessly sifting through your magazines to uncover hidden gems about your favorite topics. Want to delve into the mysteries of the North Pole? Simply search and discover all the magazines in your collection dedicated to this fascinating subject.

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Discovering the Universe of NG Magazines: A Collector's Guide

Whether you're new to collecting or a passionate enthusiast, our guide covers it all. Explore the magic of National Geographic Magazines, from their origins and captivating photography to famous covers, maps, and special issues. As you embark on this cosmic journey, you'll find valuable tips on starting your collection and confidently managing, appraising, and trading your magazines.

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